Mini & Mini 4WD


Mini Class Rules

v. mini-nats 2019c



Eligible chassis – Tamiya M03/M05/M07 series and/or 3 Racing MG EVO Mini, assembled as per Instruction Manual.


No chassis/power train modifications allowed, with the exception of the differential which may be of any style (eg - spool, ball diff, open gear diff, or sealed gear diff, no one ways), from any manufacturer.  Original internal ratio must be retained.


Wheels/Tires – Any commercially available 55mm nominal OD rubber mini-sized tire, in any combination and/or compound, with any inserts, and standard 0 deg offset mini-sized wheels.


Bodies – Body shells are open, with the following restrictions – No Post 1980 4 door Touring Sedans, or 12th scale type Wedge/Can-am bodies.


Gearing – Tamiya Cars - 20 Tooth, 06 module pitch (Mod 0.6) pinion max.  3 Racing MG EVO  Mini - 80 tooth spur,  28 tooth pinion, 48 diametrical pitch (dp).


Motor/ESC Combo – Hobbywing Max 10 Combo – 60 Amp ESC Model No 30102602, 3300kv Motor Model No 30402600


Or - 13T/3000KV Hobbywing OEM or re-branded COMPLETE SYSTEM with max 60 amp ESC and engraved /etched can.


No modifications are permitted to motors or to ESC to Motor wiring.  3400kv max when tested.


Hop-ups – Bearings and Tamiya/3 Racing Hot-ups intended for the specific car permitted, with the following exceptions – official Tamiya optional alloy/carbon components may be replaced with an equivalent aftermarket part.


Tamiya M-07 may additionally use aftermarket alloy front uprights (but not C-Hubs) and also the Arion Racing and Yeah Racing SWB conversion alloy rear uprights.


No Carbon chassis plates.


Dampers/Springs are open.


Batteries – Any 2S, hard cased,  Lithium Polymer battery charged  to a maximum of 8.4 volts (+/- 0.04V).  The battery must fit the chassis without modification to the battery pack or chassis.


Weight – Minimum weight limit of 1330 grams (with transponder).


Supplemental rules for the Melbourne, Asia On-Road Championship, 2019.


Ride Height The minimum ride height shall be 4.5 mm when measured from any position under the chassis.


Updated 29/04/2019


4WD Mini

Eligible chassis – Any standard M-Chassis-sized (210-240mm WB) 4WD Chassis

Wheels/Tires –       Any commercially available rubber mini-sized tire, in any                                          combination and/or compound, Max 60mm OD.

Bodies –              Body shells are unrestricted

Gearing                No gearing restrictions

Motor/ESC Combo

                           Hobbywing Max 10 Combo – 60 Amp ESC Model No 30102602,                               3300kv Motor Model No 30402600 Or - 13T/3000KV Hobbywing                               OEM or re-branded COMPLETE SYSTEM with max 60 amp                                     ESC  and engraved /etched can. No modifications are permitted                               to motors. 3400kv max when tested.

Batteries –         Any 2S, Hard-cased 7.4 Lipo packs.

Weight -              No Minimum weight limit