Presidents Report 2015

AARCMCC – first year back, member cards, members can go to nationals

GFA –  Good to be back, well supported, thanks to all clubs and sponsors (Metro, ….) raised over $3K

Track works – lines, carpet infield, fixed pipes, curbs, sugar, track prep time & thanks

Permanent track – submit bid to council, prep business plan, working with council, need to participate and have members support more council based promotional activities (train show)

Committee – Wayne retired, many thanks to Wayne, thanks to new committee members

Ron Wilson – Rounds racing, good attendance

Major results for club – Masters, State Titles, AOC?


After a difficult year last year the SERCCC committee made the decision to invest more into the track to make the racing better for members. As always it has been good to know that the committee can count on the club members to help out and as you can see the track has come a long way this year. We started with painted permanent lines and added a better pipe solution. This was followed by additional carpet for the infield and it was at this point that when setup the track started to look more like a permanent track. The latest addition though has taken the track to a new level, the addition of wooden curbs make the track friendlier on the cars and improve the looks. It has been these additions that have reduced setup time and brought back some racers to the club. It has been said before but the committee would like to thank Chris Chamoun for the curbs and all of the members that have helped out with track additions, maintenance and the weekly tasks of setup and pack away.


2015 has also marked the return of AARCMCC and with this the club and members have seen some benefits. AARCMCC membership allows members to race at AARCMCC certified events like State and National Titles but also there have been benefits to the club through things like improved insurance. It has been good to see that the return to AARCMCC has benefited the racers and clubs.


This year SERCCC returned to a night based Summer series, brought back the Good Friday Appeal race and ran a different format race to honour the memory of Ron Wilson. The Good Friday Appeal race day for 2015 was well attended by racers and well supported by other clubs and local business. SERCCC would like to thank TFTR, Boronia, Bittern, Geelong and Bendigo clubs for their support and would also like to thank Metro Hobbies, for their generous donations which helped SERCCC raise over $3,000 for the Good Friday Appeal. The Ron Wilson Trophy Dash represented a first for SERCCC. The committee decided to run the race as a single day event with “Reedy” styled rounds racing. The event was well attended and the feedback received was positive. The success of this event should mean that future events can be run this way.


Our club has also seen some success in all levels of event from Club, State and National titles and international events like the AOC. It has been good to see SERCCC members participating and representing the club so well. Congratulations to all members who have helped grow our sport at non-club events.



The committee this year has seen some changes. We said goodbye to Wayne Rabot who has done a lot of work for the club over the last few years to help us get to where we are. We also welcomed in some new committee members which have helped bring a fresh perspective. I would like to thank all of the committee for their hard work this year and as such declare all committee positions open for nomination.

Presidents Report JULY 2013

It was a first for SERCCC, It was a first for Victoria, and it was a first for Australia....

The recent AOC round held in the Netball stadium was a a whole lot of firsts for everyone, with the event being held on 'fast track' carpet, it was a risk that eveyone took putting there cars on the track that first time out.  Not knowing what to expect, not having ever driven on rubber tyres on carpet before....It was a whole new world.  Thankfully for all, it was a wild ride to the finals, eveyone enjoying not only the atmosphere, but the driving on carpet and the friendly competition.

This event has put SERCCC on the world map, it has made us a force to be equalled with regards to premier events to be held in Australia, and has been a massive boost for the club in the eyes of the local council.  Due to the efforts of the Committee, there has been plans in place for a few years now, to relocate to a permenant facility.  Something purpose built for RC, well with the way we impressed over the week of AOC, we are well on our way to gtting exactly that.  It is not going to be anything like you have driven on or seen in Australia before.  This is to be a world class facility, something to rival the European tracks, and cement Victoria, cement SERCCC as the major events capital of Australia.  

There has been many many days spent on research, hundreds of hour talking to people about the smallest of items, but at the end of the day, it is all to bring us one thing....

WIth the Autumn series now run and won, the next round on the 4th of August will be the 1st round of the spring series.  I am hoping that we will see and increased attendance to the spring series, the support that you all give to the club is enormous, and much appreciated.  WIthut the generosity of the members, the support from the local hobby shops, such as THE HOBBYMAN and RAB, we would not have been in a position to undertake some of the things we have over the last couple of years.  We have run a successful Mini Nationals, the AOC was a smash across the board, now with the Vic titles coming up in 2014, and another adventure on the rug with round 3 of the AOC, it will be the clubs oportunity to show the council 100% that it is worth spending the money.

I hope to see you all at round 1 on the 4th of August, we will have a committee meeting shortly after on the 6th of August, so if any members wish to come down and listen in on what and where the club is heading.  We will have an open discussion forum with regards to the rest of 2013 and planning for the DANDY CUP, RON WILSON and of course the SUMMER SERIES 2014


Presidents Report - April 2012

With the conclusion of the Mini Nationals last weekend, the mad month of April is finally over.......

April started with the Good Friday Dash on the 6th, which was well attended by all clubs.  We had drivers from virtually every Victorian club present and there willingness to dig deep and donate to the Appeal was well recognised.With the 70+ entries that we had for the event, and the kind donations from our major sponsor, RAB HOBBIES, as well as The Hobbyman, M-Chassis.com,Ace Hobby Distributors and Steve James, we raised just over $2500.00 for the Royal Childrens Hospital.  A huge effort by all who attended.  I personally would like to thank everyone for coming along and digging deep and donating to such a worth while cause.  A great day was had by all, and we look forward to seeing you all back again next year to do it all over again.

April 27th to the 29th was the first National level event SERCCC has hosted since moving to out present location, and with the hosting this year of the Mini Nationals has been a triumph for the club.  It was all looking like it might be a wash out for the meeting, but thanks to some serious prayers from allot of Mini drivers, the weather was superb all weekend.  Friday was open practice day, and we had over 30 of the entrants there to try and dial in there cars to the tricky surface and control tyres.   With the end of the day looming, there was a last ditch effort by some to get a handle on it, and with a long night ahead on Friday night, they were hoping to come out saturday with a good qualifying position.

Saturday saw the start of the predicted mayhem.  It was all very clean racing, especially for mini's, but the heat was on with times rolling down all morning.  The heat during the day seemed to make the tyre issues worsten, but with the clouds coming later in the day, again the times fell.  Sunday was looking like it was going to be a wash out with a huge storm front coming through saturday night and dumping nearly 10mm rain on the track in a few hours, but again the racing gods shined down with sympathy on us and we ran all day without a single drop.  Dropping the 6th Qualifier in exchange for the 3 finals for all grades saw the competition faces come on and it all got serious.  With some exceptional driving by guys who do not run mini, there was a few upsets, but on the whole it was the masters of the class that took away the trophies.  If you want to see the full run down on the meeting, then go to the racing section on the site and click on results, the Mini Nats stuff is all there.

I would however like to make a point of thanking every single one of the volunteers who have helped out not only with the Mini Nats, but also the Good Friday Dash.  Without the help from all of the committee members as well as these exceptional volunteers, we would not have had the success that we have had with these meetings.


Kalli Ercegovic,  Robyn Waye, Melissa Baudler, Jessica Webb ,Max Brouggy, Billy Webb, Ted Dexter, Gareth Jacavou, Chris Chamoun, Shane Mulroney, Brett Clark, Sarah Jenkins, Karl Goodger, Michael Clarke, Trevor 'Fossil' Waye, Aaron Van Berkel, Jason Ercegovic, Will Moore, Damien Christidis, Darren O'Dea....Appologies to anyone I have forgotten, but all of you have contributed considerably to the success of these meetings and your efforts are appreciated.

With this said, roll on the next round of the Autumn series on the 6th of May.  There will be an increased contingent of Mini's I'm sure, so all of you who have got the internet, try the ALYCAT pre-entry and we will see how much time it will save us.  The aim is through winter with the shorter day's, getting started at 9.30am on the dot to fit the 5 rounds in.  Look forward to seeing you all Sunday.

Presidents Report - March 2012

With the 2012 Summer Series now run and won, I have to say it was one of the most well contested series I have seen. With nearly every class coming down to the last meeting to get the final podium positions sorted out. Congratulations to all those who have driven well and earned themselves a podium spot. It is a massive effort on behalf of the entire SERCCC team to put together a series like that, especially running every weekend. The hours in setup and packing up etc are especially gruelling, but at the end of the day, we are all there to enjoy the atmosphere of the race meeting and try our very best.

The autumn series will be kicking off on the 11th of March, with round 2 following the following weekend. This was unfortunately due to a conflict with the Dandy Councils GAME ON- sports and recreation fair being scheduled on the 4th of March. So we will have to back up again for 2 weeks in a row.

The Good Friday Dash and the Mini Nats will be the next big events that the club will be hosting this year. The Good Friday Dash being on April 6th and the Mini Nats on April 27th to the 29th. I will be sending out an email to all members over the next week or so to see how many of you will be available to assist with some of the organisational duties involved with the nationals. It is going to be a huge 3 day, so the more help we can get, the easier the tasks will be for everyone.

The trophy presentation for the summer series will be on Sunday the 11th of march, at the first round of the summer series, so if everyone could be there nice and early, we will have the BBQ fired up for egg and bacon sandwiches at about 8.30am, with trophy presentation to follow and drivers briefing before we kick it all off for another series at about 9.30am. Hope to see you all there.

President's Report - January 2012

I would like to start by welcoming all the new members to SERCCC. It is great to see that there is an ever increasing interest in the club. The summer series is well underway, with some of the biggest numbers the club has seen in a few years. We have had in excess of 50 entrants to the first 3 roundsof the summer series, and with nearly 70 for round 4, it is shaping up to be a hotly contested series.There is little between the top 3 places in nearly every class, and with 3 more rounds to go, it will be on for those sought after podium positions.

With the new lights that we have this year means that we can now run the full sized track under lights in the evenings, and thus far we have had no issues with being able to see the cars from the drivers stand. Many thanks have to go to Damien Kent for making this happen. It has made a huge difference from last year. This has also made for much closer racing with drivers confidence as the sun goes down.

The confirmation of dates for the Mini Nationals for 2012 has is now done, and the advertising is out there, with entries already starting to come in for the event. It will be from the 27th to the 29th of April. The Friday is an open practise day, with qualifying and finals to be held on the Saturday and Sunday. For all those members who are thinking of running at the Nationals, get your entries in early. I am hoping that we can make this the most successful Nationals to date with the magic 50 entries in the Mini class being achieved for the first time.

The Nitro Stock Class is looking like it will start at the beginning of the autumn series. SERCCC is taking the steps to try and make this entry level class more affordable and enjoyable for everyone with the introduction of this one motor class. The STS 0.12 motor has been chosen for the class, and with some of the current Nitro drivers running them already, and finding good pace and reliability with them, it looks like we are on a winner. If you are interested in running in this class, see Trevor Waye or Luis Sola for all the relevant details.

The first quarter of the year is the busiest time in RC racing with many title meetings and big events scheduled. Recently at Lilydale, the Victorian state Nitro titles were held. There was a strong presence from SERCCC drivers there. Trevor Waye took out 2nd position in the Pull Start finals, and Brendan Sola 5th in Pro tourer, these along with great drives by Patrick Arena, Gavin Grey, Derrick Miller and Enver Jappie saw the SERCCC flag flying in almost every class.

The Good Friday Appeal Dash will be on again this year, April 6th, so mark it in your Calendars and come along and support a worthwhile charity and help us raise some more much needed funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Keilor are holding the KROMA cup again this year, check their calendar for dates, and our friends at Mornington have just about got there new track up and running. The first race meeting down there will be the 25th of March, so if you are interested in coming down and giving it a go, do so. I would like to see a big contingent of SERCCC members going down to have a run. They have been great supporters of us over the years and with a great new venue, and alternate weekends to us, MPRCCC will be a great alternative track to drive.
Roll on round 5 of the summer series; let’s see if we can’t break the 70 mark for race entries this week...

President's Report Dec 2011

With the last round of the spring series run, and the titles decided, the Ron Wilson Memorial Trophy Dash on the 4th of December run and won, it is now rapidly rolling onto Christmas.   There will be a family fun day and BBQ lunch held at the track on Sunday the 18th of December.    This will be our last meeting for the year.   It has been a very close battle in several classes during the spring series to decide the winners.  With a couple of them coming down to a count back on tied results.  Congratulations to all those winners.  The spring series trophies being presented on the family fun day and BBQ.

Recently we had the 2011 AGM, this was held prior to the last round of the spring series at the track.  As a result of the recent meeting and the elections held on the day, the following people were elected by the members to guide the club through the next 12 months.

President – Shaun Peters
Vice President – Jason Ercegovic
Secretary – Patrick Arena
Treasurer – (Shaun Peters – Interim)


General Committee Members
Leith Hughes                            

Trevor Waye
Luis Sola                                    

Billy Webb
David Roderick                         

Michael Clark

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ted Dexter on behalf of the entire club for the contribution that he has made to the club over the last 13 years, his dedication to the club and his committee role(s) has been the backbone for some time.  With this said, it will hopefully not be the last time we see Ted around the club.  As you all know, he will have to be back each year to present the perpetual trophy at the Dandenong Cup, and we would all look forward to seeing him around the track on a regular basis.

With the end of the year now fast approaching us, the last official club function that is scheduled for this year is Sunday 18th Dec.  We will be having a family fun day, as well as Trophy presentation for the spring series, and a BBQ lunch.   Bring your whole Family down, we would love to see everyone there, will be the last chance we will likely get to say Merry Xmas before Santa comes.  Fingers crossed the weather gods are shining on us for Sunday, but if not, we will still be holding the Trophy presentation.  

On behalf of all the Committee members at SERCCC, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a safe New Year.  We look forward to seeing you all back for the summer series starting on the 14th of Jan 2012, starting at 4.00pm.

President's Report Aug 2011

Last week saw the trophies for the hard fought Autumn series handed out, a big congratulations to all of you who managed a podium spot, for those who missed out, the spring series has just kicked off and it will be on again for those coveted top 3 spots on the ladder.

There has been a few changes within the classes with the coming of the new season, to those who have taken the plunge and gone up a class, good luck, but be sure to take it easy, it is a big transition and a big speed differential, something that will take a little time to get used too. It is all down to making sure your car setup is on the money, and that you are not just racing to be the first into the first corner, but first to the finish line at the end of the 6 minutes.

With the date changes for the Dandenong cup, now the 17th and 18th of September, I hope you all get your entries in early, we are looking to have a huge turn out this year. I have my fingers crossed for fine weather and good racing. The classes we will be running will be as per club meetings with the inclusion of OPEN TOURING and possibly 4WD MINI if the interest is there. I know that a few of them are keen to come down and try out our track, just to get an early start on the Mini Nat's setup's.

We have confirmed the dates for the Mini Nationals for 2012, the meeting will be held from the 9th to the 11th of March. This is the labour day weekend. Control tyres will be available during scrutineering on the Friday, also on the Saturday morning. For all of you who are thinking of running at the nationals, it will be a huge event with drivers from all over the country coming down to compete, with the local knowledge that some of you have, it will be a definite advantage over the course of the weekend. Control tyres are for the M-chassis class only, all other classes have open tyres.

There have been several discussions recently with regards to some rule changes to the 540 class. It has come to my attention more recently that this is a very competitive class, and there is certainly a need to update the class rule to fall in line with current trends and availability of components. With the limited availability of brushed speed controllers, the proposal for 2012 is to introduce the use of brushless 21.5 motors with brushless speed controllers running the ROAR approved STOCK program. This will mean that the motors will have no variable timing, no supercharger or turbo functions, just the preset timing etc that the program has been configured with. Any alterations to this program will be easily detected with the default telltale for this particular program being a set of blinking lights on every speed controller. Scrutineering will be easy to do as the blinking lights are either on or not. This will work to the benefit of nearly all drivers in the fact that if they so choose to have a run in 21.5 touring class, it is as simple as a change in program, not a complete and costly component change for all of the electrical. More information will be available on this over the coming weeks.

With the Dandenong Cup fast approaching, there is a working bee planned for the weekend prior. Saturday the 10th of September. On this day we will only have a couple of tasks to get done, concrete the area in front of the container and around the back under the stairs where the compressor goes, plus erect the timber on the drivers stand in preparation for summer. If you are available on this Saturday, the more hands we have the faster we will be able to get it all done.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next race meeting on the 21st of August.

Shaun Peters

President's Report - Sept 2011

It has been a big few weeks for all at SERCCC, culminating with the Dandenong Cup meeting held last weekend the 17th &18th of September.  It has been a struggle this year to make this meeting happen, especially with the late date changes due to a conflict with other users of the showgrounds.  Many thanks go to all the committee members for all their help in making it the success it was.  We had over 55 entries.  The gods shined on us both Saturday and Sunday with the best racing weather we have had in Months.

With the Dandy cup dates moved forward, we had a big task on our plates to get the track and surrounding areas prepared in time.  With the working Bee on the 10th, we managed to get all that done in time for the event.  Huge thanks goes to ALL who came down and spent their time helping with the ground works and timer work.  A big thanks to Darren O’Dea for all his efforts with the concrete around the container, it made life so much more pleasurable over the cup weekend.  The plastic was a godsend, with the rain showers coming over every couple of hours; it could have been a disaster without it.

Earlier in the month we also held a Special General Meeting to discuss and vote on some urgent club issues and to finalise some outstanding matters that had arisen with the technology advancements that the club has made over the last 6 months, again a big thanks to those who took the time out on the Tuesday night to come down and have their input into these matters, was good to see.

With racing continuing for the Spring Series, most of the classes are very close on points, and with the added interest we have had over the last few months, the numbers look to increase towards the end of the year.  There were some outstanding performances over the last few rounds, and most of those drivers stepped it up over the Dandy Cup weekend as well.  I am sure it will prove to be a nail biter towards the end of this series.  With the Ron Wilson Trophy dash on the horizon as well, there is plenty of racing opportunities through to the end of the year.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank some major contributors to the club this year; firstly RAB Hobbies, Ren and the boys have made some significant donations for raffle prizes and gift vouchers.  The Hobbyman has also been a great contributor throughout the year with donations to both the Good Friday appeal and the Dandenong Cup; it is great to have two such wonderful Hobby shops backing our club.

Finally, as most of you are now aware, Ted has tendered his resignation from his current roles with the club as he eases his way to retirement.  It was a pleasure for me to be able to introduce the Ted Dexter Perpetual trophy which our Webmaster and Committee member Leith Hughes was the recipient of over the Dandy Cup weekend.  Congratulations to Leith, a very worthy winner.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next round of the spring series 2nd of October.

Shaun Peters